Quilling + Martha Stewart Glitter = Beautiful

Simple paper quilling on circle base
Here are some options for an easy ornament featuring the art of paper quilling.

My students have been working on a paper quilling unit and many kids are now finishing up. I was playing around this weekend to think of something the students who are finished earlier than the others can do. Here is my example of a paper quilled ornament. I think it looks quiet pretty in simple white paper.

I traced a circle on white card-stock and cut out. Then I began twirling various sizes of white paper strips. The strips are 1/2" wide by 4" long. Some are a tighter spiral than others.

I made 2 different examples and decided to try to glitter one of them. I first used my inexpensive student type glitter and it was horrible! The glitter was way to big for such a delicate item. I was about to give up on the glitter until I saw my Martha Stewart Essential Colors Glitter 24 Piece Set. Okay, so I can't say for sure that I will let my students use my Martha glitter but I did want to see how it turned out, so I tried it.

Quilling with Martha Stewart Glitter
Here is the same quilled ornament with a dusting of Martha glitter in a light blue. I used a brush with a thinned amount of white glue, and brushed it onto the edges of the quilled paper. I tapped a small amount of glitter on. I love it!!! I want to make more of these for my own tree!

This picture doesn't do it justice. I've done quilled ornaments for myself before but never added the glitter. Below are more images of quilled ornaments I have made for my own tree using quilling paper and no paper background. While I love these too, I really dig the glitter.

I know Martha glitter is expensive but it goes a long way! I usually cut out the 50% coupon for Michael's or A.C. Moore that is in the Sunday paper and use that towards my glitter.

There is a teacher blog called, "Art Teachers Hate Glitter" but I have to say, when it's Martha glitter, I love it!

More quilling
Another fun quilling design

What do you think of paper quilling? Have you tried it with your students or children? 

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