Clay Penguins for Winter

I love Penguins! What's better than a penguin in winter? Here is a penguin created out of clay. You can use air dry clay or kiln fired white clay. Each penguin starts out as a rolled "log" of clay. One end of the clay is tapped onto the table top to form the base. The other side is round with your fingers to create the head. The wings are cut into the sides of the clay, and are then pulled out and shaped. The beak is pinched out from the head and the feet are pinched as well. Use a pointy tool, or pencil, to create the eyes. After the penguin is dried or fired, use acrylic paint and a small brush to paint the penguin. You can spray a clear acrylic sealer or leave as is. 

This is a great project for young students especially first graders. It takes under an hour to create the penguin and then part of another class to paint the penguin. It's the perfect project to introduce your kiddo's to clay. 

What are your favorite winter clay projects to create with your kiddo's?

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